Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wesley Update

So here is the latest picture of Wesley. I went and taught a BodyStep class and the boys had a field trip to the hardware and grocery store. DH said he was an "angel". This is a picture of him from the carseat. I think he and Daddy had a good time while Mommy was away!

Tomorrow I am going to Babybio which is where we can bring our baby to the movie theater and watch a latest release with them. The lights are left on, and the sound is not too loud. Do you think we will enjoy The Hangover 2? : )


  1. PS: The Hangover 2 is beyond offensive. But kinda funny in parts. Seriously so gross though.

  2. Do they provide earmuffs for the movie? haha Lots of language in that movie, sista! Cute pic of Wesley...glad he and daddy had a good time running errands. See you soon!


  3. what a wonderful picture! he looks really satisfied with him and daddys adventures : - )

  4. Bad Teacher was silly and predictable. I may not be qualified to give it a fair review though, because I spent at least half the movie looking at Wesley being cute, and then he spit up all over me and himself which was about a 10 minute break in the movie to get him changed. I will go into The Hangover 2 with low low expectations!