Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post from the Twin Sister: "I Do What I Love"

So I have been rather busy being back in Denmark with unpacking boxes in the new apartment. I asked Crystal if she would like to do a guest post on the blog about running. Kind of a broad topic, but I wanted her to tell people why she runs so much. It is simple. She loves it. Thanks sister for your help this week! I threw in a couple of pictures of us running together in two marathons.

In Crystal's Words:

Some people think I am crazy...I like to think of myself as dedicated. Ok, I am addicted to running. After doing an Ironman and a few half Ironmans (which also include swimming and biking), I always go back to running. My heart is not into the swimming and biking. I find it way more stressful. I like to think of my running as my "zen" time. I think about my life, I say my prayers, I dodge the rats, dogs, homeless people, etc. It is wonderful. I also refer to my runs and jogs that I do as "MY" runs and jogs. They belong to me and it is my time during the day when I am in total control.

I have done 22 marathons, and all of them have been very different. My fastest marathon was Boston in 2009 where I ran a 3:24:17. My slowest marathon was a 5:50:24 that I did with two special friends in San Francisco. I honestly treasure the San Francisco marathon more than the Boston 2009 marathon. Why? Because I got to run with a friend who was tackling her first marathon. The roller coaster emotions that exist during a marathon are amplified 10x when it is your first. It was a great day, and we got through it! I love running with people when it is their first marathon. I am selfish like that. It is almost like I am re-living my first marathon that I did with my sister back in 2007.

The Flying Pig Marathon was our first marathon. Amber and I trained for it starting in January 2007 and even blogged for the local CinWeekly newspaper. I think our parents thought we were crazy. I blame Adam for getting us into it! We were dedicated to the training, and when we toed the start line at 6:30AM at Paul Brown Stadium on May, 6, 2007, we were both excited and scared. Could we really do this? The furthest we had ever run was 20 miles up to that point. Our parents and family were there to cheer for us, and we got through it! Amber and I held hands and crossed that finish line together. I am so glad that I got to share the life-changing experience with my best friend.

I love this quote: “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well
preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

People at work think I am crazy for getting up at 4AM to do a 20 mile run before work. They worry about my knees, my heart, my sanity...but I dont need my knees, my heart, or my sanity when I leave this earth. God has given me the ability to run, and I plan to use it as long as I can.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hump Day - Where's Wesley?

Here is my sweet boy! We just got back from the doctor for his 5 month checkup and vaccinations, and he did so good! He got two shots, one in each thigh. He cried for less than a minute, and then we handed him his paci on a rope, which he started swinging around and hitting things. This cheered him up and delighted him immediately. He did not even give me a chance to cry, which I did last time!

Now my precious angel is sleeping. I want him to wake up so I can snuggle with him! He still has some jet lag from the trip back to Denmark, so I will let him sleep and dream about his giraffe, Dr. Octopus, Lasse (his squeaky toy), and milk. Have a good Hump Day!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Workouts While Traveling - No Excuses!

One thing that the DH and I do well, is always finding a way to be active. We don't let a little 2 month trip from home let us get too out of shape. Here is our list of ways to be active:

1. Run - This is the easiest. Can be done anytime. Weather is not a factor. Baby can come along in jogging stroller now. I actually have done a couple of 5 mile runs with Wesley, and really enjoyed it. I surprisingly can run the same pace with the stroller. I think it is because I am running faster down hills and inclines. I am literally chasing the stroller.

2. Visit the hotel gym/local gym - Cardio equipment can be boring, but for me, I use it as a way to read a magazine. Some of my favorites to read on the elliptical are Triathlete, Women's Health, or Outside. 45 minutes just flies by before I am even half way through my magazine.

3. Find a TRX/Yoga/Computrainer/Les Mills class. A quick google search and you can easily find classes like these that usually let you pay by the class. I went to my first TRX class like this, and loved it!

4. Rent a bike - This would be more sensible than what we do. We usually buy a bike, and bring it back to Denmark. Somehow we always justify the purchase. I think we have about 5 or 6 bikes right now.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk - Also similar to running in terms of easiness. Put on a pedometer. Set a goal, and walk.

What do you do when you travel? Any other activities I have forgotten?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mixed Feelings : /

In one week, we will be back in Denmark. We have had an amazing, crazy, fun filled, jam packed, trip with our family. Wesley has just started a good routine the past couple of days where he is going to sleep without fussing between 7-8, only waking a couple of times, and falling right back to sleep. Well rested parents = Happy Parents : )

I will miss a lot of things in the US especially the family. It has been a delight to see how well Wesley takes to everyone holding him and interacting with him. I also will miss the convenience of things here. How it is easy to get anything you want in any flavor in any grocery store. I will miss the shopping, even though I am bringing back a nice fall wardrobe for me. Wesley was so good on the trip, DH bought him an iPad. Hmm, I think DH bought himself an iPad.

I am looking forward to being back in Denmark, though. Denmark is our home now. It is where our stuff is, our jobs are. It is where I will put Wesley in childcare in a couple months as I prepare to return to work. DH and I are ready to have our bikes back to ride. I am ready to see my friends there too.

We already have a couple of trips planned for the US next year, so between emails, video, pictures, and Skype, the family will see Wesley grow in to a sweet young boy.

We are ready to continue our adventure in Denmark, and are planning a few 5K and 10K races this fall/winter to keep our fitness in check. Wesley may even get to do his first race. : )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Outfit?

Cute picture of us having some fun with Wesley. He really does not need a Halloween costume this year, since this is a relatively new holiday in Denmark, and unfortunately not that big yet. I have to get my candy corn fix, before I leave The States!

This is a cross between Indiana Jones and Batman.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What is next?

One week after running the marathon, and I feel a little lost. I need my next challenge. I need a plan. I need some motivation. Here is what I am thinking:

1. Continue running 3 times per week. I will do a small (3-5 miles), medium (6-8 miles), and a long (10-12 miles) run each week. I want to do a few 5 or 10Ks in Aarhus.

2. TRX training. So the DH bought this new training equipment that is so freakin hard. If I do this program just twice a week for 30 minutes, it is enough to count as "strength training".

3. Family Swim Day - Wesley loves swimming. I think it would be fun for all of us to go to the pool and take turns swimming/playing.

4. FitnessDK - I will continue teaching a class occasionally, and going to cross train.

I am dreading the dark, cold, winter ahead. But I do not plan to hibernate and build a winter layer!

Monday, October 3, 2011

First Post Baby Marathon - DONE!

This was only my 5th marathon (I say only because sister has done 20). Crystal summed up the weather and said "in all of the marathons, I have run, this weather is the worst". It was windy, rainy, and I definitely was giving myself a pep talk to even get out there and start running.

The route was two loops, and the first we did with the half marathoners, and then a loop which just the marathon runners. It was a great course that took us in some neighborhoods, though some pretty trees, and then along the coast.

I was impressed with the crowd support even with the crappy weather. It makes it nice when you have a low moment in the race, to have someone cheer for you. It really picked me up a few times.

Just got home and finished up a dinner of chili and cornbread. I will post a recipe soon for it.

So what is next? I plan to take my new jogging stroller out when I am back in Denmark, and do a few 10Ks this winter in Aarhus. Adam will race too, and it will just be a family event.

Hope you had a good weekend!