Monday, October 3, 2011

First Post Baby Marathon - DONE!

This was only my 5th marathon (I say only because sister has done 20). Crystal summed up the weather and said "in all of the marathons, I have run, this weather is the worst". It was windy, rainy, and I definitely was giving myself a pep talk to even get out there and start running.

The route was two loops, and the first we did with the half marathoners, and then a loop which just the marathon runners. It was a great course that took us in some neighborhoods, though some pretty trees, and then along the coast.

I was impressed with the crowd support even with the crappy weather. It makes it nice when you have a low moment in the race, to have someone cheer for you. It really picked me up a few times.

Just got home and finished up a dinner of chili and cornbread. I will post a recipe soon for it.

So what is next? I plan to take my new jogging stroller out when I am back in Denmark, and do a few 10Ks this winter in Aarhus. Adam will race too, and it will just be a family event.

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Proud of You so proud of You!!
    Knus Mette

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  3. Congrats on the marathon! Sometimes the worst weather brings out the Best experiences! What time did you get?

    Can't wait to do some races with the whole Weeks family again soon!