Friday, October 21, 2011

Workouts While Traveling - No Excuses!

One thing that the DH and I do well, is always finding a way to be active. We don't let a little 2 month trip from home let us get too out of shape. Here is our list of ways to be active:

1. Run - This is the easiest. Can be done anytime. Weather is not a factor. Baby can come along in jogging stroller now. I actually have done a couple of 5 mile runs with Wesley, and really enjoyed it. I surprisingly can run the same pace with the stroller. I think it is because I am running faster down hills and inclines. I am literally chasing the stroller.

2. Visit the hotel gym/local gym - Cardio equipment can be boring, but for me, I use it as a way to read a magazine. Some of my favorites to read on the elliptical are Triathlete, Women's Health, or Outside. 45 minutes just flies by before I am even half way through my magazine.

3. Find a TRX/Yoga/Computrainer/Les Mills class. A quick google search and you can easily find classes like these that usually let you pay by the class. I went to my first TRX class like this, and loved it!

4. Rent a bike - This would be more sensible than what we do. We usually buy a bike, and bring it back to Denmark. Somehow we always justify the purchase. I think we have about 5 or 6 bikes right now.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk - Also similar to running in terms of easiness. Put on a pedometer. Set a goal, and walk.

What do you do when you travel? Any other activities I have forgotten?

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