Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post from the Twin Sister: "I Do What I Love"

So I have been rather busy being back in Denmark with unpacking boxes in the new apartment. I asked Crystal if she would like to do a guest post on the blog about running. Kind of a broad topic, but I wanted her to tell people why she runs so much. It is simple. She loves it. Thanks sister for your help this week! I threw in a couple of pictures of us running together in two marathons.

In Crystal's Words:

Some people think I am crazy...I like to think of myself as dedicated. Ok, I am addicted to running. After doing an Ironman and a few half Ironmans (which also include swimming and biking), I always go back to running. My heart is not into the swimming and biking. I find it way more stressful. I like to think of my running as my "zen" time. I think about my life, I say my prayers, I dodge the rats, dogs, homeless people, etc. It is wonderful. I also refer to my runs and jogs that I do as "MY" runs and jogs. They belong to me and it is my time during the day when I am in total control.

I have done 22 marathons, and all of them have been very different. My fastest marathon was Boston in 2009 where I ran a 3:24:17. My slowest marathon was a 5:50:24 that I did with two special friends in San Francisco. I honestly treasure the San Francisco marathon more than the Boston 2009 marathon. Why? Because I got to run with a friend who was tackling her first marathon. The roller coaster emotions that exist during a marathon are amplified 10x when it is your first. It was a great day, and we got through it! I love running with people when it is their first marathon. I am selfish like that. It is almost like I am re-living my first marathon that I did with my sister back in 2007.

The Flying Pig Marathon was our first marathon. Amber and I trained for it starting in January 2007 and even blogged for the local CinWeekly newspaper. I think our parents thought we were crazy. I blame Adam for getting us into it! We were dedicated to the training, and when we toed the start line at 6:30AM at Paul Brown Stadium on May, 6, 2007, we were both excited and scared. Could we really do this? The furthest we had ever run was 20 miles up to that point. Our parents and family were there to cheer for us, and we got through it! Amber and I held hands and crossed that finish line together. I am so glad that I got to share the life-changing experience with my best friend.

I love this quote: “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well
preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

People at work think I am crazy for getting up at 4AM to do a 20 mile run before work. They worry about my knees, my heart, my sanity...but I dont need my knees, my heart, or my sanity when I leave this earth. God has given me the ability to run, and I plan to use it as long as I can.


  1. I love my girls. I may not understand all that you do, but I relish your desire and freedom to set goals and go for them!!

  2. Very well said, Crystal! Straight from the heart! And, just for the record--you are not addicted to running. You are passionate!

  3. Great post! I enjoyed reading it, and love keeping up with you two girls. Twins are GREAT, and I have many fond memories of watching you two grow up in our church!