Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Latte Review

I kept seeing lots of Facebook posts where people were excited to have the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte back at their favorite Starbucks. Being in Denmark the past 3 Autumns, I failed to have experienced this drink. I rectified that this past Sunday at a Target in Boston that also housed a Starbucks.

On a scale of 5 stars, I would give it a 3 out of 5. I ordered it decaf (I could write a whole post on how I think I am giving my baby caffeinated breast milk each time I drink coffee....seriously I obsess and look for hyperactivity and jitteriness in Wesley) , with skim milk with no whip cream. Since it was an afternoon snack, I did not want to go too crazy with the calories. The drink arrived at a warm temperature and I usually prefer my coffee drinks that are so hot it is just sippable, not gulp able. I could have chugged this after 5 minutes based on temperature. The drink was nice and spicy, but I didn't think it was too different from a chai latte. Overall, it was a good attempt to get me in the spirit of Autumn, but I probably won't order another one.

What are your thoughts on this drink, or feel free to suggest what I should get next time!


  1. I loveee it:-) I order my pumpkin spice skinny, also. The Pinehurst SB is always dependable. Give it another shot :-)

  2. I had the salted caramel mocha and I thought it was OK. Not hot enough, and super sweet. I am happy with a strong black coffee any day of the week. Maybe we should try them with twice the espresso so we can get more of a caffeine jolt against their lack-luster taste?

  3. You just order pepsi max haha :-)
    Ps promise I Will teach Wesley the qualities of this drink !;-)