Friday, June 10, 2011

A real endurance event

I have done a half distance duathlon, ran a few marathons, but nothing is an endurance event like being a mom. First, I hate to even sound like it is challenging when I think about my parents who had twins, and my friend here in Denmark who is a single mom. I have it pretty easy.

BUT, things get "challenging" when your baby thinks it is time to get up at 4AM. He has done this many times, so we kind of expect it now. I try to do as much during the night as possible (he wakes every 2-3 hours) so DH can be rested for work and his training. So this morning at 4AM, I took the shift and played with Wesley for about an hour. I kept thinking, oh he is tired, and just needs to be rocked/bounced back to sleep. After trying this for an hour, I woke DH up and said "your turn"! I then decided since I was awake, it would be the perfect opportunity to go for my 4.5 mile run. As soon as I was done, DH hopped on the trainer, and did his workout. We decided we just would get creative with our workouts, and this morning was great for me to get it done early.

Now it is approaching 5PM, and I am already thinking about when I can put my head on my pillow. I did make plans with the girls to go out with them to a concert tonight, and DH would have some "bonding" time with Wesley. (I really think they are just going to take a nap together!)

I have already pumped and have that ready for them incase Wesley gets hungry while I am gone, but the worrying is already setting in. Is it always this hard to let go, and let someone else take care of them? I know DH will be perfectly ok with him, but what if he wants his mommy? I need to lighten up, right?

This is a race without a finish line, so I am going to sit back an enjoy it. Have a good weekend!

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