Friday, June 17, 2011

I am getting a little nervous....

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Les Mills release at the fitness center as an instructor again. I had initially thought that I would need at least 6 weeks of recovery before I could begin doing anything besides walking, so I didn't sign up to participate. My recovery has been quick, and I was back running and biking at 3 weeks. A last minute request for help for the release, and it didn't take long for me to say yes.

I only have 3 tracks to teach tomorrow, but already I am thinking, what if I can't do the choreography and speak at the same time? What if Wesley has sucked out my brains and I can't remember anything? I have a little baby weight to hide, which is also making me self conscious.

Hopefully my inner star/diva will come out, and I will enjoy being the center of attention.

Cross your fingers for me....BodyStep, here I come!


  1. Yes! I´ll be there! se ya! my preggo friend will also come, I told her that she must! you rock

  2. Alright! Can't wait to see you tomorrow Aino!

  3. you will do GREAT - I believe in you!