Monday, June 20, 2011


Lists, schedules, and being organized used to bring me so much satisfaction and happiness. When you have a baby, you might as well throw all of those out the window.

Today, I was hoping to go for a run to do some "pre-training" before I start my real marathon training in a few weeks. I have just been running 45 minutes, so I told myself last night I was going to add 10 minutes and go for 55 total. I do better running based on time than distance since some days I feel better than others, and I don't want to push myself too hard this early. Last night, I even came up with a route that I wanted to try.

Wesley decided that it was party time last night, and went to bed after 11 PM, after one nighttime feeding at 2:30 AM, he was up and wide awake at 5:30 AM. I woke up tired, and with the goal to get his passport picture today. Wesley had other plans. : ) He was having a tummy ache, and did not want to have his eyes open, mouth closed, and looking straight forward at the same time. Seriously, are there babies out there who do these 3 things at the same time? We managed all but with a mouth open. Hopefully they will accept this picture.

So it is 5:30 PM, and I don't see that run happening today. You know what I think, WHO CARES?!? That run will be there tomorrow, or the next day, or when it works with Wesley's schedule. I plan to savor this precious moments with him while he is young, and everything else can wait.

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