Friday, June 3, 2011

Running AKA "Falling forward and catching myself with my feet"

Yesterday, I was feeling it. It was a gorgeous day, DH's parents were due in town in the afternoon (I was excited), I ate a healthy lunch (salad) and thought let's try running again.

I got some good advice from a sorority sister on when to start back running. She said to listen to my body since I know it better than anyone, and to start off slow. She successfully started back at 4 weeks, and has run many races since then. Girl, you rock.

I ran 3 miles yesterday in a little over 30 minutes. Honestly, it was hard. It felt like I was running for the first time. I need to wear my pulse monitor next time to make sure I am not pushing myself too too hard, but DH "borrowed" the battery from it. : ) I might need to "borrow" it back.

This afternoon, DH's mom and I are going to BodyPump. Even though the class will be in Danish, it is pretty easy to just follow the instructor. I will be there to tell her what muscle we are working next and suggest whether to add or take away more weights.

Well, it was a start. Now am I crazy to sign up for a marathon in October while in the States? Crystal is encouraging me to, and I might just sign up for it, with the understanding I can drop back to the 1/2 marathon, or even just cheer if training doesn't go well.

Have a Fit Friday!

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  1. No pressure at all to run the marathon...but I know you can do it! :-) We can talk about it more when I get there in less than a month. Your only hurdle will being able to fit in your workouts while DH is training for an IM. No worries...where there is a will, there is a way! Love you!