Monday, June 6, 2011

The weather made me do it!

The weather in Denmark has been incredible the last 5 days...INCREDIBLE! I think after going through the winter here, you learn to lower your expectations in terms of what to expect with the weather, so when it is actually good, we all go a little crazy!

I started off by running 3 miles on Thursday. It was a good workout, and my body didn't punish me or give me any signs (TMI, trust me) that I had done too much.

Friday, I followed it up with a good Bodypump class. I liked the instructor because he didn't talk too much! I must remember that when I start teaching again. You don't have to talk the ENTIRE time. : )

Saturday was a 4.5 mile run finishing up a huge hill (ok, maybe not that bad) and again I felt great!

Yesterday, DH took me out on my road bike. I have an awesome Cervelo S1 road bike. This is way too much bike considering how recreational I am with riding, BUT DH spends a lot of money on his bikes, and I think he felt bad that I was riding an beginners road bike, so he bought me this one. I can tell a big difference. You definitely get what you pay for! : ) We went out for 18 miles, and I swear I was smiling the whole time. I feel so free when I ride.

Today, I went to the fitness center for a special "Mom/Baby" class. DH's mom went too, and did a Pilates class at the same time. Wesley did so good and was asleep the whole time except for the last 10 minutes. He woke up, I fed him, and then he fell back asleep. Tough workout for him!

What will tomorrow bring? Maybe a rest day for me! But if this weather continues, I am sure I will find my way outside to do something.


  1. See if you can make that weather last for a couple of weeks!!

  2. You know what the nice weather in Boston makes me do??...Sit up on my rooftop deck and drink chardonnay. :-) So glad you are able to get to the gym and get some time outside. Love you!


  3. Chardonnay and not a IPA? Who are you, and what have you done with my sister???