Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wesley's Adventures

Wesley is going to grow up thinking that everyone is as exercise crazy as our family. He has already participated in 10Ks, and 5Ks, taught aerobic classes, went for bike rides, etc all while I was pregnant.

4 days before Wesley was born, we went to cheer on DH in a duathlon. This was good cheering practice for the Ironman in the fall.

Yesterday, he had his first opportunity to cheer on DH as an outside baby in the spring 5x5 relay race! I had run this race the past two years with my coworkers, so this was the first time as a cheerleader. I also got to introduce my coworkers to Wesley for the first time. It was a great night, but needless to say, we were ALL tired and up way past our bedtime of 9PM. Of course, in the madness of getting us all out the door, I forgot the camera.

We will spend today getting ready for DH's parents to visit tomorrow! They will be staying for one week, and the weather looks fantastic.

Here is a picture of Wesley from this week: He has just stolen my heart.


  1. I also forgot the camera yesterday!!! We were at the office for the first time and it would be so great to make a nice photo with all three of us... I have made a few with ipod but they are not so good. This is what happens when you need to get in time somewhere with a small baby. And as you have understood we haven't made it to relay. It was too much of impression for both of us at the office... Yuliya

  2. It is so hard to remember everything!!! haha So glad that Wesley got out and got some fresh air and got to meet your coworkers. So nice...lots of love!