Friday, May 20, 2011

Ok, baby is on the outside! Let's workout!


I guess I never considered all that your body goes through during the pregnancy, and then finishing the "race" with the labor and delivery. In my mind, I thought it would take a week or maybe two, and I would be ready to ride my bike, go jogging (not running), back to the gym for classes, etc.

Reality check: It is going to take 6-8 weeks until I am back.

I am ok with this now. I know the best thing for me is to take care of myself and my family. A healthy mommy means a healthy baby. If I don't make sure I am getting enough rest, staying somewhat calm, and eating right, it won't let me do my job as a mommy very well.

I plan to use this "break" to take long walks with Wesley in his pram, and get some fresh air as much as possible. I picked a great season to have this baby. I also want to slowly start doing some weights at home, so my arms look nice in all of the post pregnancy clothes I plan to buy.

When I use my Beco carrier, I think I have to call that a modified "workout." I have to use my core and legs more to compensate for the extra weight.

What are your stories about getting back into an exercise routine? Did you listen to the doctor and wait the right amount of time? Where there activities that you found easier on your body that you picked up after the baby?

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  1. You are a marathon many ways! Listen to your body! Lots of love!