Monday, May 9, 2011

Awesome weekend! (Recipe included)

This weekend was awesome! The weather was warm and sunny, I was feeling "pretty good", and DH did a duathlon yesterday and finished 3rd overall. Me and Baby Weeks cheered for him and took lots of Flip camera video to document the event. We joked around saying we can show this to Baby Weeks and say "this is what we were doing the week before you were born!"

So in celebration of the race, I made one of DH's favorite desserts last night: Banana Pudding

I will put the recipe here, but be warned, half of the ingredients came from The States. The recipe serves 6, and I suggested to DH to try to eat a little less than half of the pan in one sitting. : )

1 lg. pkg. vanilla pudding and pie filling mix (from US)
2 c. evaporated milk (from US)
3 tbsp. butter (I used a little less. I thought this sounded like a lot.)
1 (8 oz.) carton whipped topping (I used whipping cream to make "Cool Whip")
1 sm. pkg. vanilla wafers (Danish cookies called kammerjunkers)
3 bananas, sliced

Prepare pudding in saucepan according to package directions, using evaporated milk and 1 cup water. Remove from heat. Add butter; mix well. Cool. Fold in half the whipped topping. Alternate layers of vanilla wafers, bananas, and pudding in serving dish, ending with pudding. Spread remaining whipped topping over top. Chill. Serves 6.



  1. That sounds yummy and since WHEN is 3 Tbs. of butter too much for anything . . . EVAH??

  2. Sounds so good! Please make that for me when I visit! I will promise to only eat 1/3 of the pan. Love you!


  3. And it tasted yummi!!! :-)