Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Midnight Post

Hi everyone!

It is almost midnight, and I have a sweet baby boy resting in my lap. He is a "light" sleeper so DH and I are taking turns watching him so we can get a few hours of decent sleep.

It is amazing how so many things I thought were important seem so minor compared to this precious boy. Babies put EVERYTHING in perspective. I feel like I have learned so much in the first 4 days of his life.

One thing I have to give up are long lazy meals. I usually get a 10 minute window to make something for lunch or dinner. It also needs to be something that can be eaten with one hand and would be ok if it was room temperature. Any suggestions? So far, quesdaillas and sandwiches are good, as well as fruit, cut up veggies, and dried fruit. Any more ideas?

FYI, I wrote this entire post with my left hand. : )


  1. need an infant sling. My babies lived in their sling the first four weeks of their lives! It frees your hands up and they feel like they are back inside :-) My last one I went back to work when he was three weeks! I just "wore" him behind my desk! My clients loved fashion accessory ever ;-)



  2. Smoothies are a great option, especially for breakfast and lunch. Don't be afraid to set him in a swing or bouncy seat for a few minutes while you eat. :) it will get so much easier...but you'll never eat leisurely unless you have a babysitter. ;)

  3. are sooooo talented. I love that you have a whole new outlook on life! I will try to think of food that you can eat. Salad? Cereal? peanut butter and jelly? Nutella and Banana? Oh man, now I am hungry! haha Love you!

  4. Cereals works for me:) i didn't eat much of it before, but now making a decent coffee and bread with cheese is a challenge! I'm having breakfast while breastfeeding and often talk with family at the same time:) only breastfeeding guarantees some peace for short time. At the beginning i was using time she slept for food, but i'm better off if i sleep as well... Lunch is a rather early dinner. And i also recommend sling. I didn't have it from the beginning and regret about it a little. It is so great! You can breastfeed and walk at the same time! Last week we were in ARoS at Jorn exhibition, so Chloé was eating most of the time we were walking around. She burped there also and fell assleep after. Dennys loves it as well!

  5. Thanks for the tips! We have a Beco carrier and tried to put him in it yesterday, but he was really fussy. I think if we had let him get used to it, maybe it would have worked. We are going to try one more time tonight and then try the sling.

    I love smoothies! That sounds like a good lunch today! I might get some musli at the store too to have on hand.

  6. Hi Amber.

    Sounds just like Anton: light sleeper and not a big fan of the sling. I just got my right hand back 4 weeks ago, and Anton is 6 months tomorrow.

    Left-hand friendly food:

    Yoghurt. When you eat cereal with milk using the wrong hand, the milk splashes everywhere.

    Lasagna. Triple your favorit recipe, cut it in one-dish portions and throw it in the freezer.

    Karoline tomato soup. Add chopped peppers and onions, maybe some chicken or chorizo and some "suppehorn" (little pasta thingies). Serve with bread.

    Urtekram blåbærgrød/morgenfruegrød. Like oatmeal, but a little more interesting. Just add boiled water - you make the coffee anyway:) - leave it for a few minutes, and it's done. Good with banana or pieces of apple. You can buy it in Super Brugsen or Kvickly.

    Smoothie made of blueberry, broccoli, banana, soya milk with vanilla and maybe some protein powder (don't know if that is the right word, but I'm sure you know, what I mean). If you use frozen broccoli and blueberries, you can throw it all in the blender when you cute little boy is sleeping. Then, when you are hungry, just take it out and blend it.

    Hope everything is well, and remember that my offer still stands: if there is anything I can do or help with, please write or call me. Ok?


  7. @Linda: broccoli mixed with the other stuff ?? Sounds like a Strange mix - but well I don't like broccoli!
    @Amber: Sweetie You know my offer of help is a standing offer - You just let mé know :-), see u very soon!