Friday, July 8, 2011

Mental Workouts

This morning I had planned on running 7.5 miles (12K) as part of my marathon training plan. The forecast said rain, and I considered just doing my run Saturday, but DH and Crystal said the typical "you can run in the rain" and "it rains on race days too" so I sucked it up, and went out.

It is a good thing Crystal ran with me. That is the only way I would have done the entire route. Running is a physical challenge, but there are days too that I feel that I am training mentally to be strong. There will be runs during my training where I will be tired, cold/hot, wet, etc, and I can't give up. I will have to remember I have Wesley cheering for me AT THE FINISH LINE and no sooner.

What do you do when you want to give up? What gets you out the door when you just want to take a 3rd rest day in a row? Sometimes I have DH pick me up this naughty brownie that I have as a treat waiting for me. Hey, I need the calories if I am training, right? : )

Stay strong mentally and physically.

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