Monday, July 11, 2011


We had to say goodbye to Crystal and her boyfriend on Saturday. All of our visitors have come and gone and it is only me, Adam, and Wesley until we go to the states in August for a couple of months.

Now it is time for my detox. This happens after each of our visitors. We just spent a week having a little more wine/beer, chocolate, desserts, and afternoon ice cream breaks, that we would have not done if it was only us. We wanted our visitors to try the Aarhus Vaffel, koldskal and kammerjunkers (cold yogurt soup with cookies), Sharks Burger and Fries, Anthon Berg chocolates, Vestas Brownies, etc. Their trip would not be complete without it!! : )

Now I need to get back to eating "clean", which means lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and things close to their original state. Probably not dessert EVERY night, and a few less sips of wine. There is plenty of room for treats in my diet, but not everyday or so many. They are not special if you have them too often, right?

I need to eat my afternoon snack before my bike ride: hummus and carrots

Have a good week!


  1. We miss yall already!! I am detoxing this week too...that brownie and vaffle were sooooo good!

  2. Hummus?? Ohh poor You :-(

  3. vestas brownie? I want!!!