Monday, March 14, 2011

You know you are pregnant when:

1. You consider eating the jar of kalamata olives, but stop yourself half way through.
2. Your belly button now looks like a 3rd nipple.
3. You call your mom on skype and make her look at your stomach to see if it really is a stretch mark.
4. Being sore is no longer from working out, but from the alien doing flips in your tummy.
5. You know where every bathroom at work, in the city, at the grocery store, etc is for frequent pee breaks.

Seriously, I love being pregnant, and I have very little to complain about. Watch for the next post on Wednesday. The title is "Hump Day, Bump Day"!


  1. Keep using the "body butter" - it may not help the stretch marks but it will help the itching for sure!!

  2. agree with sis : - )

  3. A- I am so glad that you are still the same Amber. Your blog is SO funny! You look great btw.

  4. I love this!