Thursday, March 10, 2011

Introduction to a FAP Mommy

Hi friends!

Why blog? I chose to start a blog because I need your help. I will soon be a new mommy, but still want to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

I thought this blog could be a good way to share recipes, motivate each other to workout (or take days off), and basically help me keep a positive attitude when life gets crazy.

Amber before knocked up:
I was fitness crazy. I loved to run marathons, and taught a few aerobic classes a week, BodyAttack and BodyStep. Any Les Mills fans out there? In addition to this, I also went to spinning classes, rode my racing bike, and found many ways to get my pulse up.

I am guilty though of not doing any stretching, yoga, pilates, or weights. I found these activities boring, and not endorphin producing.

In terms of my diet, I like food. I don't discriminate. I ate my fair share of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, BUT I also like my sweets, and would never turn down red wine.

Amber after knocked up:
At the beginning of my pregnancy, I had some back pain, that caused me to stop teaching aerobics, and running. :( I decided to start doing pilates and walking and that has made me feel like I am "working out". Many people suggested I take up swimming, but really, who wants to go swimming when it is 20 degrees out, not to mention put on spandex with a growing belly.

My diet has not changed much, except cutting out the red wine. I have started craving cold milk and ice cream, and have stopped eating chocolate. Weird, I know.

One more thing to add is that my DH (Devoted Husband) is a lawyer who likes to race in Ironman competitions (2.4m swim, 112m bike, 26.2m run). Racing and competing in endurance events is something that makes him happy. My goal is to try to help him continue in these activites even after the baby comes.

Welcome to my blog, and let's have some fun!


  1. Can't wait to see more entries!!
    J (aka Granny J)

  2. Love your blog!! Can not wait to read more about how mommy life treats you! Love, C (aka Aunt C)

  3. Sandra (BA - Sweden)March 10, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    Yeay! A blog, to follow your new life as a family!
    Check out my blog about och son Lucas life :=)

  4. hrm.... forgot the link to my blog..

  5. no chocolate? can i come and empty your chocolate storage? :)
    I´l make sure you have runningcompany as soon as baby pops out! :)

  6. so glad you're doing this! if you're craving milk and ice cream, this kid is DEFINITELY related to me.

    you should also mention that the baby is already a fitness champ too after winning that 5K walk!

  7. Hey, lovin your new blog! You look beautiful and fit! Love, Granny Mardi

  8. hmmm i also ate loads of icecream this winter! didn't connect it to pregnancy before:) let me know when you are up to a walk! my baby is coming in 4 weeks and i think may-june (whole summer actually) will be outdoors. Brabrand sø is a good place:)

  9. I love blogs! Can't wait to follow you! I have been living some of your challenges. My husband used to run we have to find a balance to our workout routine. I get up at 5:15 and head out to a 6-7 a.m. class 4-5 days a week and he usually does P90X or weights in the garage while I am gone and does some running on my off days. It is a challenge but as long as you make time for it you can do it!