Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's talk Fitness on Friday

I am having problems motivating myself to exercise. This week for example I blamed it on the sunny days making me tired, and then it was the cloudy day making me tired, and then it was the coldish day making me tired. Bottom line, I am tired.

I feel so good AFTER exercising that I have to get over the initial hurdle and just get started. I have tried the following:

1.Sleeping in my gym clothes so I just have to roll out of bed, brush my teeth and go. DH loves my sexy PJs.

2. Pack up everything the night before and put in the car. Who really wants to admit defeat and get the bag out of the car in the morning?

3. Planning a nice treat after working out. I tell myself, "Amber you can sit on your booty the rest of the night and watch Teen Mom if you go workout for 30 minutes".

Any fitness motivation tips out there? I used to have workout buddies to meet at the gym, but now I am just using the cross trainer and not going to any classes. What else do yall do to motivate yourselves?


  1. Girls in spandex at the gym was a motivator for me.

  2. It will get worse with feeling of tiredness... I was happy if i managed to do grocery shopping and bring it to 3d floor. It is a good exercise! You shouldn't worry about not going to the gym. You are having always with you X number of extra kilos. If you walk an hour or two per day it is already big load for your body! For me now even wearing the shoes is an exercise:)))

  3. Hi Jim...did you workout in the 80's?

    Yes, Yuliya, you are correct! Sometimes normal day to day activities with the extra weight and a baby "exercising/kicking" I feel like I can call that a workout.

  4. On Sunday nights, sit down and come up with a fitness plan for the week. Some days just walk!!!!! Take a day off once a week!! Meet your friends at the gym one day!! You can do it!

  5. I like the idea of packing the bag and putting it in the car the night before. Then you can't "pull a Julie" and leave it next to the door as you run out in the morning. Ooops.

    yay, blogging! :)