Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion Friday

I will RARELY write about fashion on this blog. Right now I am in a fashion slump. I have 3 pairs of pants that fit, about 3 shirts, and one dress. I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes with so little time left. I needed something to cheer me up. This morning I went digging through my handbags, and found my black trusty Kenneth Cole handbag. For some reason when I carry this, I feel like a sophisticated business woman with a purpose. I have to try not to waddle when I carry it though or I mess up the whole image!

What do you have in your closet that as soon as you wear it, you feel like a different purpose? A lucky pair of shoes? Some jewelry from a holiday? Or is it simply straightening your hair for work? (Um, Crystal?)

Have a good weekend! DH and I will be doing things like setting up the crib, shopping for babystuff, and enjoying the last few weeks together when it is just "us".


  1. a nice handbag ALLWAYS helps ; - ) Marc Jacobs : - )


  2. Oh yes, If I want to feel pretty, I just straighten my hair! haha I also love wearing my black boots that I picked up in Denmark a while back. They make me feel fabulous!

  3. Know that feeling of certain clothes, that changes your indetity for a while. 7-8 years ago a came across a box with old clothes while moving to a new place. In that box was a pair of Lewis 501 that I bought back in 1980 (I was 21 at that time) in the US. Those pants followed me through many years of bad behaviour and lot of fun - I was in a band for many years playing loud bad attitude roc´k and roll, and I wore them for allmost all my gigs. The thing about these specific 501s was that they were the "original" kind. Very heavy fabric and the original dark blue color. No strange mistretmen or washing, no nothing. They shrunk like 3 inches when washed the first time. When that kind of jeans are washed for years and worn and torn and treatet with beer and vommit they get this amazing indigo blue color. My affection grew even bigger when Bruce Springsteen wore a pair just like them on the cover of "Born in the USA" album in 1984. For some reason - probably that I gained a lot of weight - these pants were stowed away just to show up some 20 years later. And the extra weight must have gone with time because they had just the right size and still have. And when I wear them now with sneakers and a cap I´m totally a Bruce Sprinsteen-rock´n´roll-don´t-give-a-shit-yet-sensitive-and-romantic-lone-wolf kind of guy. Love it! :)
    Best wishes for the new family!

  4. Awesome story Erik! So good to hear from you. I will be back in the morning spin routine before you know it. : )