Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday DH!

So I originally thought it would be really cool to have the baby on DH's birthday. I wouldn't have to buy a present, it would be a memorable 30th for him, but now we are going out to dinner tonight to........CHI-CHIS!!!

They just opened up one here in Aarhus so we are going tonight for some hopefully "Authentic Mexican Chain Restaurant Food".

I grew up eating at one in Evansville, Indiana. (Mama Myers, correct me if I am wrong.) We loved it! I am not sure if it was simply the chips and salsa that kept us entertained or the "adult soft taco" I used to order, but there was something about the food and atmosphere that kept our family coming back.

It is really an unfortunate incident that happened to them with the green onions + Hepatitis A = No more Chi-Chis in the States. : (

I have high hopes that the new one is going to meet and exceed my expectations tonight. Plus, they say that spicy food can trigger labor. Pass me that bowl of hot salsa, please!


  1. and a Happy birthday to DH from me : - ) Think it would be a good idea NOT to give birth today! they better have each their birthday.... AND ok sorry but I hope you wait a few more days, so you two can join me wedensday!

  2. Happy Birthday DH!!! I hope the mexican food is good and spicy. Probably want to lay off them onions, though. :-)

  3. Yum - used to love Chi Chi's - stay away from the green onion!!