Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day, Bump Day - WK 36

Oh dear, I am running out of things to wear for these pictures! I can't let yall know that I have only about 3 outfits that I wear over and over again!: )

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday, and everything is fine with me and the baby. She poked, pushed, and prodded on my belly for awhile to estimate the size, and said that he is definitely bigger than 2.5 kg, and close to 3 kg. For you Americans, that is about a 6.5 lb baby! Is it time to countdown and take bets on when he will be here? I am crossing my fingers for April 29th (DH's birthday) so I can just give him a baby for his birthday and not worry about a gift.

3 days to the weekend! Let's hope for warm spring weather.


  1. Love the pic :-) and wauu he's growing!! My gues: we'll You know what date I bet for!! 4th of May - my gift haha!! And guess 4 kg!

  2. You look great!!! You don't need more than 3 outfits! My vote is for May 5! I am going to need you start pushing on that day! Haha

  3. Looking good!! Have I mentioned, I can't wait for him to get here? ;)

  4. May 8th is Mother's Day and a baby boy would be the most wonderful gift but he might wish to appear earlier and I'm sure you are ready now. We are so excited!!!!

  5. You still look awesome! You are going to be done before you know it!!!