Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday = Question and a recipe

I have 3 more days of work until I start my maternity leave. I do plan to go in one day after the Easter holiday, to have a couple of handover meetings on my projects, and to bring in a cake. So the question for today is....

Question: What are you going to do in the upcoming weeks (or week) while you are not working?
Answer: I have these big plans to get caught up on thank you notes, take long walks, and try to enjoy this last part where it will be just me and DH. I have the baby's room ready, bag for the hospital packed, and pretty much everything on my list taken care of. I am slightly addicted to this game on my Iphone called Word With Friends which is like scrabble that I play with Crystal and Mama Myers. I will probably be nagging them to play with me a lot!

Recipe: What DH and I Eat For Breakfast Everyday

1 banana, chopped
3 strawberries
handful of frozen berries or fruit
palmful of seeds, nuts, and flaxseed
handful of oatmeal
yogurt, any flavor

Combine all of this in a bowl, and mush around. This complete breakfast will fill you up and give you lots of energy. Enjoy!


  1. Do yall not cook the oats? Looks yummy and hearty! Love yall!


  2. Where's the butter, eggs, and bacon?? : )

  3. Crystal: We do not cook the oats, but they are not dry once they are mixed in with the yogurt.

    J, I love my butter, eggs, and bacon, just not everyday! : )