Friday, August 5, 2011

Workouts - Out the Door

One thing I have learned that if I want to be a Fit Mommy is that I have to use my time wisely.

Before: Go to the gym everyday for spinning classes, BodyAttack, Step, cross trainer, BodyFlow (yeah, right maybe twice) The whole "event" by the time I include travel to the gym, getting to the class a few minutes early, talking for a few minutes after, and my commute home = 2 hours

After: Workout starts when I walk out the front door. This basically means I am either running, biking or walking. Denmark really has amazing weather in the summer. I don't have much to complain about when the rest of my family is suffering in the states from the heat, because it rarely breaks 80 degrees here. Now, we do have days that are gray and rainy, but those are my favorite times to run. The only day I have to really plan is when I am doing my long runs for my marathon training. Last week, I was up to 14 miles which takes over two hours. I made sure I had a bottle at home for DH to give to Wesley if he got hungry/fussy, and I was relaxed knowing my baby would be ok a few hours without me.

I came home last week, and I swear Wesley did not even notice I was gone. He and Daddy were hanging out having a good time.

Mommies or time crunched people: How do you manage to do it all?


  1. It's not easy! I just signed up for my first 70.3 so it is getting even tougher. But you are right, the time it takes to drive to the gym and drive home seems pointless when you have a limited amount of time. I also used to need to exercise with other people but now if I can, great if not then I'm on my own. The good thing is that workouts seem to be more quality than quantity which in my opinion is better anyway. When I trained for my first marathon Lily and Jesse had the best bonding time. It was so sweet.

  2. It's super tough to fit in time to exercise when you have a baby and even more tough when you have "babies" I've always been fortunate with my jobs first as a Manager of a Corporate Fitness Center and now wi th my job in Public Health where a Fitness Center is literally right next to my office that I can workout on my lunch...the weekwnds are totally different and because I like to run or bike in the evening, having a husband to understand that I NEED that time is pretty great. It was harder when my kids were that they are getting bigger they go with me and of course that is really the be the example for our children...keep it up cousin! Love you :)

  3. You are great at being flexible and easy going...whether you work out at 4AM or 10PM, it is all about being healthy and setting an example for our families. love you!


  4. I drive to the gym, when Anton gets ready for his first nap around 7 o' clock, and work out, while he's sleeping.

    And as a single mom, I couldn't do it without a nanny and my parents every now and then, but I manage to work out 6 times a week - and that's pretty good, right?

  5. I think everyone of you are superwomen in my book. Thanks for the positive words and tips!