Friday, August 26, 2011

Marathon training update....

The last two marathons I ran, I actually didn't sign myself up for. In January 2010, I ran the Arizona "Rock in Roll" marathon only after I had a phone call from my sister in the summer of 2009, telling me she had signed me up. Um, thanks? : )

Just recently we started talking about possible races and events to do while we are in Boston for 4 weeks where sister lives. I guess I should back up and explain that my sister is really a social coordinator when it comes to running. I think she should quit her job and start her own business where she just makes running fun for people. She loves traveling to races and taking her camera along to snap pictures of the scenery and her friends WHILE SHE RUNS THE 26.2 MILES. If you have not seen her pictures from Big Sur Marathon in California, check it out. Beautiful. I also love a little social event she put together for her friends recently that she invited with an email with the subject line "You can't spell bRUNch without "run". Too cute.

So there was a really small marathon in New Hampshire she was interested in doing the first weekend in October. I told her I could be interested in running either the half or the full, but needed to do some training to see where my fitness was. After a 15 mile run, that was good enough for sister, and she signed me up....again.

I just did my 18 mile run which was a big confidence booster. I was fortunate to have DH's sisters, Katie and Kelley (both have completed marathons) to run with me for parts of it. I love to talk while running, and it was good to get some one on one time with them.

I know some people are probably reading this and shaking their heads thinking I am crazy to try to do this, but honestly, I need it. I need the time to myself. I need to set goals and achieve them. I want to be an example for Wesley that if you are head strong enough to do something like this, you just have to believe it is possible. Crazy? Maybe. Dedicated? Probably. Feeling good about myself? Definitely.

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