Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Running

Winter in Denmark is dark and gray. The sun shines about once a week. I will not complain though because it is not that cold, yet. In fact, it usually will stay above freezing for most of the winter. How do the Danes cope? They light their candles, drink lots of Christmas beer, and just stay in with family and friends. Not a bad way to spend the next few weeks. Go google the word "hygge". This is a good description of this time of year.

I have written in the past how running is really the best workout for me as a mom. I can do it right from my door, anytime of day, in any type of weather. There is only one time this year I did not go run because of the weather and that was my 16 mile run in the pouring rain. I just kept thinking of my shoes getting wet, the chafing I would get, the chill that would set in, and I postponed that run.

This morning, the plan was for me to get up and run at 5:30. Crazy, I know, but I am so much better at working out in the morning then in the afternoon/evening. By the end of the day, I am tired, wanting to start dinner, talk with the family, spend time with the hubby, that I can think of many reasons not to go. In the morning, the only thing in my way is 30 more minutes of sleep. That I can live without.

My run this morning was 6 miles in a light drizzle. I like running when no one else is around. I go as slow as I want without people judging me. I can run through lights if I feel like it since there are no cars out yet, and there is something really peaceful about seeing the world in the resting state. Me likey.

Hope you have a fit weekend, and have scheduled some workouts in there along with some Christmas fun. We are taking Wesley to see Santa on Sunday. I am crossing my fingers the old man doesn't scare him. Have a good one.

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  1. about Santa! take care! Malene was scared the H out when she was a baby! it took years, before she wanted to get close to a Santa again!

    about the running: I thought, it was too rainy this morning - I have learned to like it´s dark and early (not as early as you!), but rain - me not likey : - (
    (but ok better than ice and snow I guess - haven´t tryed that yet!)