Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sometimes you just need pizza.

Pizza. It is yummy, it is good, but it is not always healthy, so tonight the hubby and I decided to have a make your own pizza night. We do this about once a week, and usually do a Hawaiian with ham and pineapple or a BBQ chicken pizza or just a classic mozzarella and basil. Tonight it was a Tuesday so we went wild, we went crazy, we got creative:

My "homemade" pizza (ok, so we don't make the crust, but close enough) consisted of pizza dough, olive oil, apple slices, gorgonzola cheese, a little mozzarella, honey, and walnuts. It was so delish. It could have definitely been a dessert pizza too, but since it had fruit on it, bam, healthy, right?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?


  1. I put zucchini on one the other day (with some other veggies) and no cheese and it was surprisingly good!

  2. Also, try using figs some time with carmelized onions and goat cheese.